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Update time : 2022-05-23 10:01:54
In the past ten years, with the rapid development of the mobile Internet, the online proportion of the consumer electronics industry has become larger and larger. PELADN keeps up with the trend of the times, constantly seeks transformation and breakthroughs, and brings players and users a better digital entertainment experience. Keeping the spirit of "the original intention is like a rock, and the radium is moving forward" bravely go forward.

PELADN has been deeply involved in the PC hardware industry for many years, and has deep accumulation in game hardware product line, industrial chain resources, consumer market share, brand influence and domestic and foreign channel layout.

In order to further enhance and rejuvenate the brand image, PELADN has carried out brand value remodeling, positioning itself as a "high-performance game peripheral hardware equipment manufacturer", and is committed to providing consumers and corporate customers with competitive game peripheral products and services. Create the ultimate personalized digital entertainment lifestyle.

Now the new LOGO is fully launched. It will be used in the form of "磐镭 PELADN" in Chinese and English in China, and in the form of "PELADN" in pure English abroad.

The new LOGO design makes "磐镭 PELADN" more youthful, fashionable, and full of technological sense. It is gray, classic and calm, representing the entrepreneurial spirit of Pan Lei's rigorous, serious, and unforgettable original intention; orange, life, creativity, representing Pan Lei Relying on technological innovation, it will bring innovation and vitality to the field of games and consumer electronics, and bring positive and pleasant experience to players and users.

PELADN, which is in the process of transformation, has accumulated energy for this brand upgrade. "Innovation, dream, and extraordinary creation" are the core values ​​that support the Pan Lei team. Push the boundaries of your gaming experience.

The first "play" in "played by the unplayed" represents players, DIYers, enterprises, and every user of Panradium products; Starting from the psychological needs of "seeking novelty" and "seeking fast", in the field of digital entertainment, the new Pan Lei will bring players and users an astonishing experience that they have never had before.

With the upgrading of consumption and the popularization of intelligent hardware products, one of the more and more prominent features of the consumer market is that good meals are not afraid of being late, and good products will always be recognized by the market.

In the future, with advanced technology and unique brand operation model, Pan Lei will increase the exploration of innovative fields such as interest e-commerce, community e-commerce, and brand IP incubation, so that the younger generation and trendy players can experience more extreme personalized games and computers. Peripheral products, leading the trend of digital entertainment lifestyle.

"One generation is stronger than one generation", and there is no limit for Pan Lei in the future.
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