NVIDIA DLSS has supported 200 game applications, and the cyber action game "Reincarnation" is about to join

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Update time : 2022-07-12 17:51:01
NVIDIA has officially announced that NVIDIA DLSS now provides AI-powered performance upgrades for 200 released games and apps! DLSS for major game engines has greatly accelerated the popularity of these games and applications.

This July, both Loopmancer and Hell Pie will support NVIDIA DLSS. During the Nacon Connect live event, it was also announced that The Lord of the Rings: Gollum™ and Steelrising will be released this September and will support NVIDIA DLSS and ray tracing technology. It was also confirmed that Warhammer 40K: Darktide and A Plague Tale: Requiem will support NVIDIA DLSS at launch.

Machine learning is one of the hottest trends in tech and a recognized advantage of DLSS. NVIDIA DLSS is the only AI-powered Super Resolution technology, an advantage that translates into up to 2x better gaming performance. As the only super-resolution technology that harnesses the power of deep learning neural networks, NVIDIA DLSS maintains lossless image quality.

eBrain Studio's Loopmancer will be released on July 13th. In this Roguelite platformer action game, you play as a detective caught in a death loop and need to figure out why you wake up in your apartment in Dragon City 2046 every time you die.

With free UE 4 features, plugins and SDKs, eBrain Studio quickly and easily adds NVIDIA DLSS and ray tracing to Loopmancer for a great experience for GeForce RTX gamers.

With NVIDIA DLSS enabled, performance will increase by more than 2x, allowing GeForce gamers with Geforce RTX 3070 and above graphics cards to play Loopmancer at 4K resolution with ray tracing enabled.

Hell Pie will be released on July 21st, in Hell Pie incarnate the evil Nate with bad taste. He is given an important task: to collect all kinds of disgusting ingredients to make Satan's infamous birthday pie. To complete his mission, Nate must venture into the overworld in this 3D action platformer, doing everything he can to ensure the ingredients are collected in time or he will pay dearly!

Sluggerfly and Headup's games on PC will feature ray-traced reflections and ray-traced ambient occlusion to enhance the user experience. If you have a GeForce RTX GPU, desktop or laptop, you can enable NVIDIA DLSS to boost performance by up to 2x.
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