PELADN & Intel co-branded mini game console launched

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Update time : 2022-08-05 16:28:38
As one of the domestic game smart hardware brands, PELADN has gained a good reputation among players over the years by virtue of its excellent cost performance and stability. In 2022, Pan Lei will carry out brand remodeling, put forward the brand proposition of "playing without playing", and begin to expand the product line to various game peripherals and new and exotic products.

Recently, PELADN and Intel will launch a mini version of the computer. The one-stop solution allows more computer gamers who like games to not have to worry about the purchase and compatibility of separate accessories. The core of this host is NUC high-performance integrated computing module from Intel. It is reported that this mini-host will be launched in August 2022.

PELADN Mini Game Console

When it comes to Intel's NUC (Next Unit of Computing, which means the next generation of the host), players who are concerned about the DIY field should not be unfamiliar. This product, which was first positioned as a mini all-in-one host, has been developed after nearly 10 years of development. It has developed into a huge family, and the product specifications have also extended from the mini-computer with the size of a palm to a variety of computing modules of different specifications, and can even provide different customized solutions, allowing more computer brands to participate in the NUC project. .

Intel NUC family (picture source Intel official website)

Refused to be bloated, high performance and small size

Since it is "unplayed", it is naturally different from ordinary products on the market. Pan Lei, a game console, starts from its appearance, and defines it as a "small steel cannon" from the very beginning of its development. It is only half the size of an ordinary chassis. Except for the volume, this console has not shrunk at all. The hardware is made of ultra-thick stainless steel plate, with a thickness of more than 2mm, while most of the commercially available chassis are only 0.5-0.6mm, which is completely different in impact resistance and overall texture.

The classic masterpiece DNF joint name, players shouted youth is back

For a classic game console, it is essential to choose a well-known game co-branding. For this console, Pan Lei chose the masterpiece "Dungeon and Warriors" (DNF for short). When it comes to DNF, it can be described as a youthful memory of the post-8090s. , This game, which was registered in the national server in 2008, with its super cool combo attack and innovative horizontal version gameplay, has been very popular even though 14 years have passed. When all kinds of 3A masterpieces are rampant today, this 2D online game with a poor picture can still have a seat, and the degree of its masterpiece can be seen.

High-performance NUC integrated module, also supports discrete graphics

In addition to the unique appearance, the performance of this host is also very powerful. The biggest difference from ordinary DIY assembly machines is that the Pan Lei mini game console uses a NUC integrated computing module in cooperation with Intel, which integrates an i7 high-performance processor, includes an ultra-core graphics card UHD630, and supports 4K HD output. .

The NUC high-performance computing module integrates the traditional CPU, motherboard, memory, and hard disk, and is equipped with dual Gigabit network cards, HDMI, 4 USB 3.2 Gen 2, WIFI 6 wireless network cards and Bluetooth 5.2 modules, and is extremely rare on ordinary motherboards. The dual Thunderbolt 3 interface.

The appearance of the module is similar to the graphics card. It is connected to the discrete graphics card through another adapter board. This ingenious design can accommodate both high-performance CPU and discrete graphics in a small-volume chassis. It can support up to two card slots with a length of Graphics cards within 30cm. The graphics card happens to be one of the core product lines of Panradium, so a variety of different graphics card packages have been launched accordingly, ranging from the entry-level GTX1650 to the high-end RTX30 series. In this small chassis with only 16L, considering factors such as power supply power, graphics card size and heat dissipation, the actual measurement can support the dual-fan version of Panradium RTX3070. Combined with the high-performance CPU of i7, this configuration can almost take all kinds of 3A. The masterpiece is a veritable "game console".

Summary: Inside and outside, Pan Lei mini game console has become a new choice for players

Whether it is appearance or performance, this game console perfectly interprets the theme of "game". PELADN's brand proposition of "playing without playing" has begun to take shape. Such hard-core and material-rich workmanship is in today's The DIY market is indeed rare, and the participation of Intel also gives this host a better guarantee of stability, and the freely matched graphics card configuration also makes it more flexible in choice. Another new option for gamers.
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