Conquer almost all games, Panradium mini host performance test

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Update time : 2022-08-16 17:05:06
In today's increasingly advanced hardware performance, pure hardware performance is no longer the focus of players. In the current DIY host market, cool appearance and excellent design are also the goals pursued by users. Even for a 100-yuan case, the side-penetrating cover and two fans with LED lights have become standard, and unique cases with various special-shaped designs are emerging in an endless stream on the market.

Recently, PELADN, a veteran computer accessories manufacturer, has teamed up with Intel to launch a mini game console. The console uses Intel's high-performance NUC integrated computing module and is also very in appearance. It is co-branded with the well-known game "DNF". This product has been roughly described, so what is the actual performance of this host, and what are the advantages compared with ordinary assembly machines? Today, I will give you a detailed evaluation.

i7 high-performance NUC computing module, no graphics card running points 650,000

The core component of Pan Lei mini host adopts the high-performance computing module of Intel H series. This module actually integrates the traditional CPU, motherboard, graphics card, memory, hard disk and other important components in a small square component. , and integrates the radiator, the integration is very high. There are many benefits of this design. First, it ensures the compatibility between various accessories. Even the CPU and the motherboard may have incompatibility problems, especially now that there are many white memory sticks and solid state on the e-commerce platform. The possibility of incompatibility of the hard disk is very high, and the average novice player has no way to judge and solve these problems.

The H series high-performance computing module is the core of the host

Secondly, this computing module also has great advantages compared to ordinary motherboards in terms of interfaces. The two Thunderbolt 3 interfaces are very conspicuous, the USB interface has also reached 3.0 Gen2, and it also comes with WIFI--and this module is still so small in size, which is not as large as the average one. The ITX motherboard is similar, but the performance and scalability are far more powerful than the ITX motherboard. All of this looks closer to a high-performance gaming notebook, and it can be said that it has achieved a perfect balance between performance and size.

Master Lu scores 650,000

So how strong is this "high-performance module"? Let's test it with Master Lu first. The result is that the whole machine easily reached 650,000 points, the CPU score was as high as 370,000, and the integrated display's running score was also 80,000. This is already similar to the performance of the previous mid-to-high-end independent display. There is no problem with online games at all. The combination of dual-channel memory with a total of 16G and M2 interface 500G SSD is also very balanced. In the comprehensive test software PCMark, the total score of the host is 4410. The common basic functions and document writing items are all in Around 7000 points, there is no bottleneck in performance.

PCMark office test composite score 4410

Takes all high, middle and low-end graphics cards, the game cannon is well-deserved

In addition to this high-performance module itself, another highlight of the Panradii mini game console is that it can support a 30 cm long discrete graphics card, that is to say, most graphics cards with dual-fan structure on the market can be installed, and the 600-watt power supply is basically Don't worry about power issues. Taking the Pan Lei brand as an example, it can support up to the RTX3070 8G dual-fan version. Combined with the i7 high-performance module, it is a proper game console, and all this is achieved in a small chassis of only 16L. For students, rental parties, or table set lovers, it can be said to be the perfect combination of appearance and performance.

Small chassis that can support independent graphics are rare

How cool is it to play games with the i7 alone? The author used RTX3070, RTX2060 and GTX1650 three high-end and low-end representative graphics cards to conduct some game tests under 1080p and 1440p special effects. It can be seen that the whole machine is well-balanced and the performance of the graphics card is fully released. Meet the needs of the current mainstream 3A masterpieces to run smoothly.

Gaming performance with GTX1650 (1080p resolution)

Game performance with RTX2060 (1080p resolution)

Game performance with RTX3070 (2K resolution)

Some players worry that such high-performance hardware will have heat dissipation problems in this small chassis. The author deliberately tested the temperature of the extreme oven. In the 3D Mark stress test, the mid-to-high-end graphics card such as RTX3060 Ti still has a high stability of 98.2%. The highest and lowest frame rates fluctuate around 20 frames, but the whole test process can be kept above 60 frames, which ensures the smooth running of the game. In the Furmark oven test, the maximum temperature of the graphics card is around 81 degrees, which is not much different from that in a normal large chassis. It is also within the safe operating temperature. The dual fans on the top and the air duct structure inside the chassis are indispensable.

3DMark stress test stability is 98.2%

Fully loaded oven test is 81 degrees

Summary: A small host with double performance in appearance and performance

Compared with the traditional DIY assembly machine, this mini game console has more features in appearance, and it is not backward in performance. To a certain extent, it also solves the potential compatibility problems of the assembled machine and ensures the stability of the game. It can be said that it is a better choice than the assembly machine.
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