The RTX40 series is coming. Have you not understood the technologies on the RTX30 series?

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The most talked about topic in the graphics card circle recently should be that the new RTX40 series cards are about to be launched. Compared with the previous one-year-old update, it has been two years since the current RTX30 graphics card was launched, but Xiao Lei noticed that many When players buy graphics cards, they still only recognize the running points of some software, and often compare the old flagship model with the new model, and finally come to the conclusion that the new is not as good as the old. In fact, in addition to the improvement of the running score visible to the naked eye, the new experience brought by the new technology brought by the new architecture in practical applications is also quite impressive. Today, Xiao Lei will give you a popular science of the RTX30 series, those who may be used by others Ignored, but useful technique for gamers.

▲Peladn RTX 3070 Ti Bai Kai

DLSS 2.1: From Popularity to Popularity

Since the previous generation of RTX20, DLSS deep learning sampling technology has begun to enter the field of vision of gamers, but the AI ​​at that time was not mature enough. If a game wants to join DLSS, it needs to conduct independent training for different games to support this There are very few games with this technology. Although there are not many games supported, this magical technology can stretch the resolution, improve the picture effect, and increase the number of game frames, while opponents and old graphics cards can only watch and cannot open it, or let players stay. impressed.

▲ Some games that support DLSS

In the past 4 years, with the release of the RTX30 series, DLSS has evolved to the 2.1 era. Familiar games such as Big Cousin, DOOM, Battlefield, and Cyberpunk have all added DLSS technology, even the classic domestic games Xianjian, Xuanyuanjian. etc. also appear on the support list. If you use the top RTX3090, you can even experience a top 8K resolution game.

▲DLSS 8K technology can bring unprecedented gaming experience

Reflex: Minimize Latency

When it comes to G-SYNC, old players should not be unfamiliar. This technology has been around for nearly 10 years. It is a technology on the monitor that can avoid screen tearing. There are more and more monitors. Joining this camp, although the price is still not close to the people, but the range of choices has become more and more. Reflex is based on G-SYNC, combined with RTX30 graphics card, to further reduce the overall game delay technology.

In the officially released comparison test, in games such as Overwatch and APEX, the delay of RTX3080 can be reduced from 40-50 milliseconds of GTX1660S to about 10 milliseconds. Note that this is a hardware-level operation response time, which is not common to us. The delay of playing online games means that the response time of any keyboard and mouse operations can be ignored. For users who play competitive games, the delay gap of 40 milliseconds is undoubtedly a huge improvement.

HDMI 2.1: 4K 120Hz, your monitor should be replaced

Although it seems to be the same interface, the HDMI version will have major version upgrades every once in a while. The most obvious difference is to increase the bandwidth to support the increasing resolution and refresh rate. The HDMI on the RTX30 graphics card is brand new. In version 2.1, its bandwidth has doubled compared to 2.0. It is these improvements that allow the HDMI interface to support 4K+120Hz at the same time, bringing a more enjoyable gaming visual experience.

A new generation of RT Core and Tensor Core: the performance gap not reflected in Master Lu's running points

In addition to these new technologies, the SM unit of the RTX30 is also completely renovated, and both RT Core and Tensor Core are fully updated. The difference is that the performance of light-chasing games has been comprehensively improved. If the game you play supports light-chasing, for example Cyberpunk, Far Cry 6, etc., then an RTX30 series graphics card will far exceed the performance of an RTX20 or older graphics card----maybe their Master Lu scores are similar, but in these new games, the old graphics card It's really not working anymore.

Summary: Running points do not mean everything, and the experience of new technologies is also worthy of attention

In fact, the performance of each new generation of graphics cards will have a lot of technology related to games or user experience. Some may be the first generation that no one knows about, and some may be that the upgrade of the previous generation has gradually matured. All in all, these gaps are not necessarily in Master Lu. It can be experienced in the running points, and we cannot simply measure the performance gap between the graphics cards of the next generation from the comparison of the running points of 3D Mark. At present, the price of RTX30 series graphics cards has gradually returned to a relatively reasonable level, and the future RTX40 positioning is also relatively high-end. The 30 series will not be eliminated immediately, and it is relatively more cost-effective. If you are still using it many years ago The old flagship, maybe now is the best time to change to an RTX30 series.

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