SZEA Resource Matchmaking Conference - Entering PELADN was a complete success

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Author : 磐镭
Update time : 2022-10-27 18:57:26

On October 26, 2022, the tenth resource matchmaking meeting of Shenzhen Electronic Sports Industry Association came to Shenzhen Panlei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., the vice-chairman unit.

President Chen and President Luo of Shenzhen Electronic Sports Industry Association brought Jiudian Industry, Shenzhen Cross Association, Sino-foreign Construction, Zhiyuan Technology, Lawa E-sports, Yi E-sports, Lawa Style, Cross-border Fort, Hezongtianxia Group Representatives of more than 20 member companies, including , Albert Technology, Jie Chuang E-sports, Zhongzheng Statue, Bajie E-sports, Mingshanghui, Haha Network, Haoheng Industry, Wuyoucaizhi, etc. participated in this event. They welcomed everyone warmly.

First of all, Chen Tiantian, the president of the association, gave a speech, introduced the establishment, development, purpose, business scope and development plan of the association, and shared a series of resource matching activities that the association has successfully held since its establishment.

Then, Mr. Ding Qiaoming, director of Panradium Brand Center, extended a warm welcome to the representatives of the participating units and enterprises, and introduced the Peladn company and its development in detail.

During the period, the leaders of Pan Lei shared and introduced Pan Lei's business operation, product planning, brand operation, etc. to the participating units and entrepreneurs.

Then, entered the self-introduction and resource docking session of the participating units. During the exchange, the member representatives expressed that they have gained a lot.

In the end, this resource matchmaking event was a complete success. In the future, Pan Lei will work together with the Shenzhen E-sports Industry Association to continue to carry out closer, deeper and more extensive cooperation, jointly explore the standardized, systematic and diversified development of the e-sports ecology, and explore with other governing units in the field of e-sports. More opportunities to break the circle and achieve a win-win situation.
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