Is the 6G memory of the RTX2060 enough? Test to tell you the answer

2022 / 09 / 28

Some time ago, Peladn launched a new RTX 2060 6G graphics card, which directly hit the price to 1,500 yuan. Compared with most competing products, the price is still above 2,000 yuan. This RTX 2060 is undoubtedly very fragrant. However, some players have questioned that the RTX 2060 also has a 12G video memory version, so is 6G video memory enough?

Like the phone memory and computer memory, the video memory of the graphics card also exists as temporary storage data. For example, when we play games, the larger the 3D map, the higher the display resolution, and the higher the picture quality settings. At this time, if the video memory capacity is too low, it will cause a certain image to the performance of the graphics card, resulting in a drop in the game frame rate, commonly known as "exploding video memory".

The higher the core, the stronger the processing power, and the higher the required video memory capacity, so the RTX 3090 is matched with 24G, and the RTX 3080 is only 12G. Usually, when a chip manufacturer releases a core, there will be a basically fixed combination of video memory capacity and video memory type, and downstream video card manufacturers are generally not allowed to modify it by themselves. Once some graphics card manufacturers changed GT 440 / GT 610, which should only be equipped with 1G or even less video memory, to 2G or even 4G video memory, which was a shock, but when people tested it, they found that 4G video memory did not have any memory at all. Even if it is the so-called online game more open ---- because the video memory is not for processing data, but for storing data. No matter how big the warehouse is, what's the point of not putting anything?

With the rapid development of LCD panels, many 2K and even 4K monitors have gradually become popular. However, when I opened the Steam hardware survey list, the traditional 1080p resolution still accounted for 60% of the player share. If you are still using a 1080p monitor , then the larger memory capacity may just be a waste. So for an RTX 2060, will there be a bottleneck in 6G video memory? Xiao Lei directly put it on the 2K display for everyone to test.

Judging from the test results of 10 games, in the case of the highest special effects, only Quake and Rise of the Tomb Raider have broken through 6G video memory, and most games occupy around 4-5G, while the When the resolution is adjusted to 1080p, no game can break through 6G, that is to say, if your display resolution does not reach 4K, then this RTX 2060 6G is completely sufficient. If you really use a 4K monitor, then the core performance of the RTX 2060 is a bit tight, and some special effects must be reduced to achieve smooth play. At this time, the author recommends lowering the resolution of the game or replacing it with a higher-level one. Graphics card, video memory is no longer the bottleneck of this graphics card.

Therefore, for an RTX 2060, a more suitable match may be 6G instead of 12G. Is 12G memory a big complaint? In fact, it is not the case. In some dedicated computing or rendering fields, large video memory and memory capacity are still necessary, but for most ordinary gamers, there is no need to spend extra money to pay for the extra video memory. RTX 2060 6G can be bought at a more reasonable price, why not?