New arrivals, Peladn RTX 3070 Ti Bai Kai debut

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Author : 磐镭
Update time : 2022-04-21 15:53:02
It has been a long time since Peladn released a new three-fan graphics card, and now it is finally here!

Once upon a time, gamers were chasing the most luxurious accessories and longing for the top performance. Today, performance is no longer the only thing, the pursuit of gorgeous visual effects, presented in a glamorous DIY shape, can also conquer fever DIY players.

As RGB has become the mainstream element of the entire DIY market, players are now easily attracted by the cool light effects, whether it is a marquee or a soft light gradient.

As Peladn's long-lost three-fan graphics card, RGB is indispensable. This RTX 3070 Ti white armor will definitely become a dazzling equipment in the minds of players.

Tradition and fashion are the unique charm of "White Armor". In terms of the overall appearance, the designer used the traditional armor piece inlaid design to strengthen its sense of ceremony. At the same time, the combination of the front white shell and the blue-yellow gradient armor piece is quite eye-catching, and the graphics card has a full sense of hierarchy. A "game trendy product" with distinct personality.

Not only that, the RGB light bar of the white armor is "hidden" under the four green-yellow gradient armor pieces, which can realize seven-color cyclic flashing, which can instantly create a beautiful and cool "light pollution" atmosphere, which perfectly fits the current more and more A DIY aesthetic for multi-avant-garde players.

Needless to say, in terms of heat dissipation, the three 90mm fans effectively enhance the wind pressure and quickly take away the heat conducted by the cooling fins. At the same time, the back is still an integrated metal backplane, which still retains the unique "lightning" symbolizing Peladn. In addition, a lot of hollow decorative patterns are specially designed. This hollow grille design allows airflow to pass through the heat dissipation fins inside the graphics card, thereby further improving its heat dissipation performance.

With the rise of e-sports, players have higher and higher requirements for hardware configuration, and now they generally spend time and effort to choose products that suit them. Peladn RTX 3070 Ti white armor with rich and exquisite details, can be described as the crystallization of fine craftsmanship, it is very suitable for players who have certain requirements for graphics cards.
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