Fed up with light pollution? Maybe you should try Peladn RTX 3060 Ti MoYe

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Author : 磐镭
Update time : 2022-04-12 17:30:00

In today's increasingly personalized, people's needs have become more diverse.

I don't know since when, RGB has become popular in the DIY world, and then... there are a lot of computer accessories with RGB lights, motherboards, graphics cards, memory, radiators, power supplies, keyboards, mice, etc. Now computers have various A way to blind your eyes.

Although hardware light pollution is very popular, there are always exceptions to everything. The new "Casting Sword" series launched by Peladn is aimed at players who refuse "light pollution". The RTX 3060 Ti MoYe has no lighting effect elements at all, and the combination of white and silver looks even more Atmospheric, a unique "lightning" component that symbolizes Peladn is specially designed in the middle, and the convex surface treatment further enhances the overall texture of the graphics card.

Everyone's pursuit of beauty is different. Some people may want a good-looking appearance, while others pursue cool lighting. RGB is cool, but not everyone likes it. Although the RTX 3060 Ti MoYe does not have RGB lighting effects, the texture is quite good, and it can be regarded as a "fashion plaything" for players.

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