Peladn Brand new upgrade

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Author : 磐镭
Update time : 2022-05-13 17:44:04
After precipitation and accumulation, about the image, about the product, about the culture, we have ushered in the 3.0 version of the brand remodeling and upgrading of PELADN!

As a brand identity, LOGO is the basic symbol for consumers to recognize the brand. This brand upgrade will open up a new vision of "Pan Lei" with exploration, regeneration, and creation. It is not limited to traditional hardware, and the new "PELADN" will come with a sense of subversion and freshness.

It is worth mentioning that the design of the LOGO incorporates traditional cultural elements such as ancient Chinese philosophy and ancestral temple design. In the visual design, "grey orange" is the main color. Radium is rigorous, serious, and does not forget the entrepreneurial spirit of its original intention; the orange symbolizing life and creativity represents Pan radium, which will rely on technological innovation to bring innovation and vitality to the field of games and consumer electronics, and bring positive and pleasant use to players and users. experience. The new visual system emphasizes the attention to rejuvenation, technology, and consumerization, making "PELADN" more youthful, fashionable, and full of technology.

The brand super symbol is the core symbol other than the LOGO, which can present the brand connotation in multiple dimensions. The super symbol of PELADN evolved from the inspirations obtained from the myths and legends of Nuwa and Fuxi and the unearthed historical relic "Fuxi Nuwa Mating Tu".

Extract "P" from English PELADN, combined with the rotation of the graphics card fan, to create an unruly lightning double snake. As we all know, yin and yang are the essence of traditional culture. This time, the two colors of gray and orange correspond to yin and yang respectively.

IP image is a special artistic image, and it is also a supplement to the brand image. In order to create a more effective and close link with the current young users, this upgrade has specially created a lovely IP image of "Lei Meng". In the future, "Lei Meng" will continue to have friendly interactions with fans.

Name: Lei Meng
Age: 6 years old
Gender: a mystery
Race: Alien
Personality: Milky
Features: cute
Hobbies: Adventure, keen to explore the unknown, with genes of wisdom in the body, and can freely change colors and dress.

PELADN has been deeply involved in the PC hardware industry for many years. In order to bring players and users a better digital entertainment experience, PELADN has always maintained its original intention and the spirit of Lei forging ahead bravely.

In this upgrade, the brand slogan of "playing has never been played" is proposed, and the source of creativity is "unheard of". It is intended to be in the field of games. Panradium will bring players an astonishing experience that has never been seen before. Play what has not been played and expand the boundaries of the gaming experience.

The brand-new PELADN will bring a brand-new atmosphere, to the original heart, so many changes have been made, just for the heart to remain unchanged.
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