Peladn graphics card insured price of 618

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Update time : 2022-05-18 17:35:34
The horn of the 618 carnival is about to sound, presumably many small partners are waiting to start a new graphics card, how do you plan to buy cheap and worry-free?

Before the arrival of "Crazy 618", Panradium Tmall and JD.com flagship stores are now carrying out a 618 price guarantee. If you have friends who plan to change new equipment, don't miss this opportunity, as the so-called buy early and enjoy early !

Next, take a look at several main models of this event, GTX 1060 3G, GTX 1060 6G, GTX 1070 8G, GTX 1080 8G.

GTX 1060 is divided into 3G version and 6G version. Although this graphics card is an entry-level product of NVIDIA 10 series graphics card, if you are a Steam user, you should be familiar with GTX 1060. For a long time, this graphics card Graphics cards are firmly at the top of Steam's monthly hardware survey list.

As early as June 2017, the proportion of GTX 1060 in the graphics cards used by steam players has reached 8.65%, which means that GTX 1060 has been the leader in this field for nearly 5 years, although it has gone through the RTX 20 series and RTX 30 series. Baptism, but still unmoved.

It is hard to imagine that a graphics card that was launched in 2016 is still the most commonly used product by PC gamers around the world today. If your budget is less than 1,000 yuan, then you can take a look at this Panradio GTX 1060 3G graphics card, which is only 999 yuan.

If you feel that the 3G video memory of the GTX 1060 3G cannot meet the demand, you can also choose the Pan Lei GTX 1060 6G graphics card, which is 1399 yuan. The performance of this graphics card is very cost-effective, and it is stress-free for most games now.

As for the GTX 1070, it was also a 2k resolution card (not pursuing extreme special effects). There is still a big gap in performance between the GTX 1060 and the GTX 1060. There should be a 25%-30% performance gap when the two were first released. Now There should be more than 20% difference. At present, the Pan Lei GTX 1070 8G graphics card is only 1699 yuan. In the case of not pursuing the ultimate 4k, full height 2k 144Hz, the Pan Lei 1070 8G graphics card can satisfy the smooth and high special effects to play 1080P and some 2k resolution games.

GTX 1080 is the flagship product of NVIDIA 10 series graphics card. Although it is outdated now, it was able to have 4K resolution vertically and horizontally. Even in the face of today's new games, the performance of GTX 1080 can still run smoothly under 2K resolution and high special effects. Most games.

Friends who like Panradii graphics products, please act quickly~
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