Peladn RTX 3070 Ti Bai Kai mainstream game measurement

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Author : 磐镭
Update time : 2022-05-07 09:29:48
RTX 3070 Ti white armor is a new product launched by Panradium graphics card for the mid-to-high-end gamer market. Its biggest feature is the use of three fans + 5 heat pipes with super heat dissipation design, which takes into account heat dissipation and noise, and completely eliminates the Players are anxious about the heat dissipation problem of the graphics card. In addition to the excellent cooling, how is the game performance of this graphics card itself? We immediately tested it with the top ten major game titles.

▲Peladn RTX 3070 Ti Bai Kai

▲Test platform diagram

Routine performance test

We first tested the RTX 3070 Ti white armor with 3D Mark software. In the DX11 test scene Fire Strike Extreme at 2K resolution, it has reached 17,000 points. Even the more severe 4K resolution Ultra scene has 9,000 points. More points, the picture of each scene can basically be maintained at more than 60 frames, and it runs very smoothly.

Game measurement

In terms of games, we chose "Cyberpunk 2077", "Watch Dogs Legion", "Metro: Exodus", "Tomb Raider 11: Shadow", "Gears of War 5", "The Division 2", "Borderlands 3", "Red Dead Redemption 2", "Assassin's Creed: Valhalla", "Far Cry 5" and other 10 games, covering mainstream shooting adventure action and other types, some support the light pursuit feature, see below Let's see how this Panradium RTX 3070 Ti white armor actually performs.

It can be seen that at the mainstream 2K resolution, the Pan Lei RTX 3070 Ti white armor can basically handle most games easily, and some even exceed 100 frames. Many so-called graphics card killer games are also defeated in front of the RTX 3070 Ti white armor. Come, show the power of high-end products.

In a more extreme 4K scene, the Pan Lei RTX 3070 Ti white armor can still maintain a level of around 60 frames, and the actual experience is still relatively smooth, which is very rare for a sub-flagship.

Summary: Strong performance, a must-have card for gamers

It can be seen from the test that the Pan Lei RTX 3070 Ti white armor can play mainstream 3A masterpieces at 2K and even some 4K resolutions, and can also experience ultra-realistic game special effects such as light chasing and DLSS, allowing players to experience The feeling that you can still play games under the big screen is the best match for the budget game console of 10,000 yuan.
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