PELADN RTX 3070Ti Bai Kai graphics card, white theme installation must-see

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Update time : 2022-05-26 12:00:17
The PELADN RTX 3070Ti Bai Kai graphics card was launched some time ago. The super-high appearance of this graphics card attracted the attention of the author as soon as it appeared. Armor and ink armor are also a new series launched by Pan Lei, inspired by the golden iron horse, the ancient soldiers in battle armor. The PanRadi RTX 3070Ti white-armored graphics card is also like the armor of soldiers, following players to fight in the game. Below we evaluate this high-value graphics card.

▲PELADN RTX 3070 Ti Bai Kai graphics card

Before the evaluation, summarize the characteristics of this graphics card as usual, and give corresponding purchase suggestions.

①. White high value: The characteristic appearance of Panradium RTX 3070Ti white armor graphics card is destined to be a high-end graphics card that can create a white theme. The whole white color can be accommodated in various white hosts.

②. Powerful performance: The performance of RTX 3070Ti is about 8% higher than that of RTX 3070, and the performance is stronger. It is a high-end game graphics card, which can meet the needs of users to play 2K game masterpieces. If it is an online game, it can easily fight 4K.

③.RTX in the future: RTX 3070Ti is the second card with GA104 core, designed with NVIDIA Ampere architecture. Compared with the previous generation of NVIDIA Turing architecture, real-time ray tracing and DLSS technology have been upgraded, which is helpful for games and creators. bigger. In particular, DLSS technology can increase the number of game frames without reducing the picture quality experience. This technology is a huge improvement for most gamers. And now there are more and more games that support DLSS technology, the ecology is gradually growing, and the future can be expected.

Buying suggestion: Needless to say, the performance of this graphics card is suitable for building mid-to-high-end game platforms and high-value white consoles. However, in terms of matching, you need to pay attention to try to choose the board U platform produced in recent years, such as the 11th/12th generation Core and the third generation. Ryzen and Ryzen 5000, these processors support PCIe 4.0, which can give full play to the performance of Panradium RTX 3070Ti white armor graphics card.
01. Introduction of PELADN RTX 3070Ti Bai Kai graphics card

The PELADN RTX 3070Ti Bai Kai graphics card does not use a pure white color scheme in appearance, but is decorated with a green-yellow gradient heat sink above the fan armor. This graphics card adopts the standard three-fan design of high-end graphics cards. The overall length is 314mm, the width is 126mm, and the height is 51mm. It is compatible with the chassis of the middle tower and above.

▲PELADN RTX 3070 Ti Bai Kai graphics card

The fan is printed with the PELADN logo, the size of 3 fans is 9cm, each fan is equipped with 13 large fan blades, and the cooling system is quite efficient.

▲ Cooling fan

The internal heat dissipation fins are designed with heat pipe direct contact, and there are 4 built-in heat pipes, which can ensure the heat dissipation efficiency of the Panradium RTX 3070Ti white armored graphics card under high load.

▲ Cooling fins

This graphics card uses a customized backplane, and the coating design is integrated with the heat dissipation holes, which is not only beautiful but also enhances the heat dissipation effect.


The PELADN RTX 3070Ti white armor graphics card adopts a 12pin power interface design, which is not compatible with the conventional 8pin interface, and requires a separate conversion cable, which is generally provided in the accessories. It converts the dual 8Pin into 12Pin and can output more than 300W of current.

▲Power supply interface

I/O area This graphics card adopts a 3DP+1HDMI four-interface design, supports up to 4 screen output, and can output 8K images.

▲Output interface

02. Practical test

Next, the actual combat test, first look at the test platform.

First use GPU-z to check the parameters of this graphics card.

▲PELADN RTX 3070 Ti Bai Kai GPU-Z

PELADN RTX 3070Ti Bai Kai graphics card adopts GA104 core, equipped with 6144 CUDA cores, and the core frequency is 1575MHz-1770MHz, which is consistent with the public version. The video memory uses Micron 8GB GDDR6X video memory and supports PCIe 4.0 x16 bandwidth.


Next, use 3DMARK to test, involving projects based on DX11 environment 1080p test Fire Strike, 2K test Fire Strike Extreme and 4K test Fire Strike ULtra. In the DX12 environment, the 2K test Time Spy and the 4K Time Spy Extreme test are involved. There is also the ray tracing test PortRoyal.

▲Fire Strike

▲Time Spy

▲Port Royal

In several tests of 3D MARK, the PELADN RTX 3070Ti Bai Kai graphics card uses the same parameter design as the public version, and there is no difference in performance between the two. Compared with the RTX 3070, this graphics card has an improvement of about 9 in the three FS tests. %; the TS score will increase by about 7%, the PR score will increase by about 6%, and the overall increase will be 8%.

Game test:

Next, we conducted a game test, and tested three games of "Assassin's Creed: Valhalla", "Far Cry 5" and "Wolfenstein: New Blood". The test image quality preset is the highest, with resolutions of 1080p, 2K and 4K. The test tool is the game's own Benchmark, and compares the performance of the public version of RTX 3070Ti and RTX 3070.

▲ "Assassin's Creed: Valhalla"

▲ "Far Cry 5"

▲ "Wolfenstein: New Blood"

In the three game tests, the performance of PELADN RTX 3070Ti Bai Kai graphics card has no suspense. It is similar to 3D MARK, ahead of RTX 3070, and the frame rate performance is very high. There is no pressure to play 2K 3A masterpieces. If the 4K resolution is "Assassin's Creed" : The frame rate of a game like Valhalla is less than 50 frames, but there is no pressure on stand-alone games like Wolfenstein: New Bloodline and Far Cry 5 in 4K.

Temperature and Power Consumption:

Finally, we conduct the power consumption oven test. We choose FurMark software to perform the oven test, and use GPU-Z to detect the temperature, and the power consumption only calculates the graphics card itself.

▲Baking machine test

PELADN RTX 3070Ti Bai Kai graphics card has been tested by us. The power consumption of a single card is about 270W when the oven is fully loaded, and the core temperature is stable at about 73.5℃. It is recommended to use a power supply of 750W or above.

03. High appearance and high performance

As a high-value and high-performance graphics card, the Pan Lei RTX 3070Ti white armor graphics card did not disappoint us. This shows the excellent actual combat performance of the RTX 3070Ti. If you are a user of a 20-series graphics card, you can seamlessly upgrade to Pan Lei. RTX 3070Ti white armor graphics card, the performance is enough to satisfy.

▲PELADN RTX 3070Ti Bai Kai graphics card

The white appearance of the whole body also makes the PanRadi RTX 3070Ti white armor graphics card more gorgeous, which is more fashionable and fresher than the common black and gray graphics cards, and has become a new choice for white-themed host installations.
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