Performance Or Power Saving? PELADN RX6400 Graphic Card Have All

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Author : PELADN
Update time : 2023-01-09 11:22:20
In the past 2 years, the price of market is dynamic because of the less of chipset in the world.  Especially the entry level product, the user whose budget is around $600 don't have such graphics card independent for gaming in a long time. Recently, PELADN production many products such around $200 for the gaming user. We will introduce the most cost-effective named stacking king --- RX6400.

Maybe many users don't know such entry-level RX6000 level before. In fact, the chipset have been released on April, 2022, belong to the most advanced 6nm craftsmanship just like RX6500XT(RTX30 series is 8nm, RX6000 is 7nm),  RDNA2 structure, the core code is Navi24.  Base on the advanced manufacting processing, the core size is only 107 square milimeter, is only half of the RX6600. That is smaller than GTX1050 Ti that is only $200 or so. A smaller fever and lower power consumption because of the advanced technique. The AMD officially announce, the graphic card of RX6400 is only 53 watt. The power about the entire system is around 300 or 350 watt. 

Although such low power graphics card, PELADN RX6400 redesign the style is small fresh style with white and orange  with dual fans and double heat pipe cooling system, and also has a metal fixed back plate. The design in the RX6400 is stacking king is No.1 in the such around  $200 price edge.

Because of stack up such material, let's start with the baking machine test diagram, PELADN RX6400 is 43 degree centigrade when the furmark is running over 10 minutes. And the speed of the fans is only 1200  revolutions. It is so easy. There is even not any noise. This kind of performance for a game graphics card is a good level totally.

So the power consumption and heating is so low, how about the performance of graphic card? Is this weak or not? The answer is no. Although it is only yonger brother. The graphic card RX6400 still support all of the features of RX6000 series, just like FSR that can achieve the original image quality even more and increase the FPS, just like N card DLSS and ray tracing technology, that also need the help of games independently. The FSR is 2.1 version, that can support over 100 kinds games just like FARCRY6, Cyberpunk 2077, Forza Horizon 5, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Resident Evil series and also have Need For Speed: Unbound and so on. It's not as powerful as RTX's lineup, but it's an extra framerate bonus.

In the I5 platform, PELADN RX6400 get 140,000 scores or so in MASTER LU,  that surpass the GTX1050Ti and RX570 and  so on. There are some test process as following. It can surpass 100 FPS to 130FPS easily in LOL and CS:GO. And you can get 60 FPS in popular online game PUBG. You can get 50FPS in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. If you want to play 3A games, we advice you reduce special effects to middle level via AMD drive Adrenalin ---After all, it is only 53 watt discrete graphics card.

Except for some 3A masterpieces that require high graphics cards. PELADN RX6400 is still competent for mainstream online games. This graphic card is only around $200 level as you know. Power consumption and heat generation about the graphic card is also very low. It  can work fine in popular games is CS, DOTA and so on in steam platform. The graphic card is very cost-effective for insufficient budget gamers.  It will neither cause performance waste nor cause too much burden when installing the graphic card. With an i3 or Ryzen 3-level CPU, it is just right to build a host of about around $600 for the PC.
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