PELADN Attended On CES Exhibition 2023. Expand Oversea Market Speedily

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Author : PELADN
Update time : 2023-01-13 14:36:59

For the PC hardware practitioner and fans, the CES(International Consumer Electronics Show)  that is running on January every year is just like Super Bowl in US. CES 2023, the world's largest, highest level and most widespread impact,  everyone in the industry are all focus on it on January. And most of technology manufacturer are all showing their latest products.

As high-performance computing equipment and gaming hardware manufacturer, PELADN from computer hardware assembled from OEM/ODM service to our own brand PELADN, has built an integrated management system of independent research and development, manufacturing, sales and brand operation after 20 year. We have many product lines including mini pc, gaming graphic card, multi/industry graphic card, video card extension dock for notebook, memory, smart device and so on.  Coversing household, business, game, server and other fields.

PELADN’s products also have been shown on the CES Exhibition 2023, including ganjiang&moye, Baikai&Mojia graphic card and mini pc, and Leiling laptop graphics card extension dock series.

The main business of PELADN is graphic card. We have shown kinds of graphic card including official graphic card, industrial graphic card and turbine graphics card server. Ganjiang&Moye graphic card, Baikai&Mojia graphic card are representative product. Ganjiang&Moye is new design concept with special feature just like layers, textures, thicknesses. Baikai&Mojia graphic card is white as plain or color is like black ink. These cards have unique style charm with tradition and new trend.

Small size, big energy is feature of PELADN’s mini pc. PELADN bring such mini pc with different style, size and configuration including pocket mini pc including PI01, PI02, PI03 and mini game series. PELADN NUC&DNF mini host. There is no denying that the Mini PC performance bottleneck is the graphics card. Most mini PC is build-in integrated graphics card. Nevertheless, our PELADN NUC&DNF mini PC can support discrete graphics card. That can help our customers to have configuration alternative options for different performance requirements. 

PELADN have new LinkS series laptop graphic card dock design with open design, from power to graphic card. Customers can match according to their requirement. So the compatible is very power.

PELADN show many new products with new designing and technical innovation. That attracted many foreign customers stop to consult. Many customers were interested in our products. Achieved a very good display, publicity effect. 

PELADN seek opportunities to meet face to face with global customers actively. We further enhance our confidence and ability to develop the international market via the CES exhibition.  

In the further, PELADN will help every industry, every customer and everyone to feel the pleasure and wisdom brought by technology with keeping on develop base on customers require deeply.

PELADN update the brand 2.0 on 2022 and rebuild slogan “Beyond the game”. You can get different playing and experience via the similar product. This is the original intention of PELADN research and development products. PELADN always integrate innovation into products, so that game players can experience a variety of novel and creative products.

Mini PC will also be the focus of PELADN besides graphic card in 2023.  The Mini PC with small and light will be the new darling of The Times in the 2 years or so.

New products of PELADN will be available around February. Focus on the social media or e-commerce platform just like alibaba or newegg to get more detail information. You can get more surprise via these platform.

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