The Intel Arc desktop version has a full range of prices exposed, and the top version does not exceed $400

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Update time : 2022-07-18 14:57:58
Intel officially launched the Ruixuan A380 GPU in June, and its independent display suggested retail price of 1030 yuan, providing a 1080p 60fps gaming experience. At the time, Intel said the graphics card would be available in China in June, and later in the form of components through OEMs.

It is now July 14, and the Ruixuan A380 has not yet officially retailed. As a new force in the independent graphics market, the first entry-level graphics card is indeed a bit unattractive. However, Intel has been acting frequently recently, showing the high-end Arc A750 limited edition graphics card in the form of live broadcast, and also shared some preliminary performance data.

According to Intel's official presentation, the performance of this ACM-G10-based desktop independent display in five games at a resolution of 2560×1440 is higher than that of NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060, leading by up to 17%, and at the lowest. 6%, including F1 2021, Cyberpunk 2077, Control, Borderlands 3 and Fortnite.

Of course, only 5 games can't explain much. The performance results shown by Intel must be a small number of games that are well optimized for Arc and Alchemist architectures. It does not mean that all games will have such strong performance, but it is still far from release. Some time, can give Intel to adjust the driver to improve the compatibility of the game and improve the performance, but so far has not released the specific specifications and specific release time of the graphics card.

According to the latest news, in addition to the A380 and A750, Intel will launch three other models, such as the lowest-end A310, the mid-range A580, and the flagship Arc A770.

The highest-end Arc A770 will not cost more than $400, and the graphics card should be positioned close to the RTX 3060 Ti and RX 6650XT, available in 16GB and 8GB versions, with a TDP of 225W. The next-level A750 has the same TDP. Compared with the RTX 3060 and RX 6600, the video memory capacity of the graphics card is 8GB, instead of the previously reported 12GB, that is, its video memory width should be 256bit. At present, there is no one Arc A series graphics cards use 12GB/192bit memory configuration.

The positioning of the A580 graphics card is the RTX 3050. The price is in the range of 200 to 299 US dollars. It has a TDP of 175W, which is much higher than the RTX 3050. It is equipped with 8GB of video memory. bigger.

The entry-level A380 and A310 are both 75W. The former has been released and has 6GB/96bit video memory, while the latter is equipped with 4GB video memory and the bit width should be 64bit. From the slide, the price of the A310 is less than $100. The counterpoint is the GTX 1050 Ti.

Although Intel has not yet benchmarked RTX 3070 and AMD RX 6750 and higher-level products, it does not mean that Intel has no plans to make high-end graphics cards. They have already planned the three-generation architecture, and the performance will continue to improve, just need enough time.
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