What can a palm-sized computer do? Peladn JP01 mini host test

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Update time : 2022-08-22 16:19:45
Recently, Peladn officially launched two new mini-hosts based on Intel NUC kits, one featuring high performance and aimed at gamers, while the other is aimed at office users. The biggest highlight is that it is only the size of a palm. In the inherent impression of the computer, performance and volume should be proportional. Even for daily office work, can such a small computer handle it? How far has the current mini-host performance developed? Today, Xiao radium will give you a real test.

Peladn JP01 Mini Host

Previously, we briefly talked about the development history of the Intel NUC family (you can see the previous tweet). Like the original definition of NUC, it is ultra-small, and it is to commercial office, home entertainment, industrial control and other fields that do not require high computer performance. . Pan Lei's latest mini-host product is based on Intel's Jasper Lake platform, which is specially designed for low-power, office and mobile platforms. It also uses the same technology as ordinary desktops such as DDR4 memory and solid-state drives. The theoretical performance is worthwhile. expect.

Host back interface, support dual HDMI video output

The overall appearance of Pan Lei JP01 mini host is a small square box with a size of 123*126*41mm, which can be placed anywhere on the desktop without occupying too much space, and it is very light to hold, even if it is taken every day For commuting, that is, a small lunch box, which is even more portable than a notebook. For college students or renting parties, this size of the host is especially friendly.

Master Lu's running score reached 270,000, and the scores were balanced

This host has all integrated all the accessories required by a computer, and the expansion interface is also very rich. There are a total of 4 USB interfaces, two of which are 3.0 standard; dual HDMI supports 4K resolution multi-screen output, full-featured type-C The interface is also very convenient to connect to an external docking station, and the 3.5mm headphone jack is not absent, which is basically sufficient for daily needs.

From the configuration information of Master Lu, it can be seen that the CPU uses the N5105 processor of the Celeron family, manufactured with a 10-nanometer process, 4 cores and 4 threads, and the frequency reaches 2.9GHz, which is a qualitative leap compared to the previous generation J series. , the TDP is only 10W, which is why the transformer of the host is only 24W. The cost advantage brought by low power consumption allows it to show its strength in many places. In addition to office and entertainment needs, because the N5105 has powerful performance and low power consumption, there are already relatively mature solutions for building soft routing and NAS on the Internet.

Memory read and write test scores

The UHD graphics card integrated by the N5105 processor has 24 EU units and supports multi-screen output, which is no longer stressful for high-definition hard solution testing. For the storage part, the Pan Lei mini game console adopts the current mainstream 8+256G combination. The dual memory slots can be upgraded freely, and the maximum support is 32G. The addition of the NVME protocol SSD is undoubtedly a great boon for this kind of small console, and it is completely eliminated. To avoid the bottleneck of reading and writing files, for office users, it is enough to store some basic documents. In addition, it supports 2.5-inch hard disk expansion, and can be upgraded to large-capacity solid-state or mechanical disks for data expansion. Judging from the test results, the storage speed belongs to the mainstream level and does not hold back.

NVME's SSD read and write test reached 1600 points

Finally, the stability test of the oven was carried out. After half an hour of stress test, the temperature of important components such as CPU and chipset was stabilized at about 85 degrees, and the cooling fan of the host had no obvious noise. For a large host, such a level of heat is satisfactory.

The average temperature is about 85 degrees when the oven is fully loaded for 15 minutes

The JP01 that does not occupy any desktop space can be described as an artifact of the office family

In general, whether it is the performance of the whole machine, power consumption, and heat generation, the performance of this JP01 mini-host from Pan Lei is relatively good, and it can be competent for daily business office, audio-visual entertainment and other functions. At present, this host has been launched on major mainstream e-commerce platforms, and the price is only in the early 1000s. For friends with "over-performance", it is not a different experience to simplify the size of the host.
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