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PLAY is not only behavior, also is spirit, mentality. PLAY is only processor. You can get relax, interesting from PLAY. If you know where you're going, the whole world will make way for you. The greatest pleasure in life is to explore the unknown.

A game about to hit the market, an uncompleted level of the game, an upcoming graphics card, all of these make your gaming life full of anticipation. PELADN bring happy millions of gamer all over the world in the past nearly 10 years. PELADN will supply even more products for gamer to explore unknown world, not only graphic card, even not only hardware. You can get more funny, interesting, novelty from PELADN.

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Use high-performance computing equipment to change the way people work, studying and interesting. This is PELADN corporate vision and the guiding ideology of PELADN product development.Computers are the cornerstone of all intelligent technologies and the Internet. The PELADN will continue to create more high-quality products for users and bring positive impact to the construction of technological life.
Design, in the Name of players
PELADN has established a full-chain production and design team since its inception, insists on independent design and research and development of products, and continues to interact with players and listen to their opinions.Only by insisting on starting from the perspective of players can we create the most exciting products for them.
Quality drive the brand
PELADN has always firmly believed that quality is the life of an enterprise and the first driving force of a brand. All PELADN products are positioned higher than the industry's general standards at the beginning of design. From production to sales, to after-sales, a complete service chain has been established, and we are committed to providing users with high-quality, high-performance products.
Build the future with players
Based on games, but not just games. Start with a gaming graphics card. Gradually expand to memory, hard disk, expansion dock, industrial control card, and then to all-in-one PC, mini computer, server, and then to future artificial intelligence and edge computing. PELADN adheres to quality-driven brand, innovation leads the market, Change yourself again and again with more diversified products, and serve more "players" in different industries. There is always a product that can bring you unprecedented fun.
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