Both Strength And Beautiful, PELADN Will Release New Mini PC HA-1 In The Further

2023 / 05 / 23

Many people should have heard of the mini pc before. In recent years, the pursuit of compact hosts seems to have become a new trend, and there are various mini hosts on the market, which makes people dazzled.

PELADN, MINI PC, Barebone Kits, mini hosts

Recently, PELADN have another new mini pc, HA-1, which is about to be release, whether it is for work, office, home entertainment, or even low-to-medium games.

black and silver clearly, Black and orange collide, Bold color contrast to bid farewell to mediocrity

PELADN, MINI PC, Barebone Kits, mini hosts

It is said that this is an era of fighting for appearance, and everyone is pursuing the beauty. The HA-1 mini pc also boldly challenges the color contrast design in terms of color matching. Paired with the warm and vibrant brand orange at the bottom, very eye-catching, never tire of watching for a long time, brings visual surprises.

geometry&grid stripes, spliced visual aesthetics

PELADN, MINI PC, Barebone Kits, mini hosts

Geometric figures are a common design method, and stripes are one of the most flexible design elements in the design field,PELADN's product designers apply these two elements to the latest HA-1 mini pc, The top of the fuselage is "cut" into four parts by knives,silver grid stripes with silver grid stripes, more reflect the simple and smooth visual sense, the hollow part can strengthen the air circulation, better heat dissipation.

Fully configured With RYZEN, Play all of tencent games

PELADN, RYZEN, AMD, GPU, MINI PC, Barebone Kits, mini hosts

The HA-1 mini pc with AMD Ryzen 5 5625U process, 6 core, 12 threads, the maximum turbo frequency is 4.3GHz, 3rd cache 16MB, default TDP is 15W, build in AMD Radeon processor Graphics, having 7 GPU core,frequency 1800MHz.

In memory and storage, HA-1 mini pc building up to dual-channel SO-DIMM memory, maxium support 64GB DDR4 memory, storage up to 2TB M.2 2280 NVMe slot, there is also a 2.5-inch hard drive. In terms of network connection, having a 1000M network port, a 2.5G network port and a WiFi 5 wireless network card. In addition, Jack (HP&MIC), USB, Type-C, HDMI, DP and other interfaces are all available.

In short, this mini host is very suitable for daily office work, videos . Even if you play some games of Tencent Family Bucket, there is no pressure at all. If you want to purchase mini pc, please consider it.